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You may be able to get FREE cavity wall and loft insulation if your are in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Healthy Home are approved professional installers of Loft Insulation throughout the Bury area.

Insulating your loft or attic, or topping up existing insulation to meet today’s guidelines, creates a thermal barrier that reduces the amount of heat lost through the roof of your home.

Loft Insulation Manchester

Loft Insulation

Save up to 25% of heat currently lost through your roof

Enjoy a cosy home and average savings of up to £240 a year**

Straightforward and quick to install – feel immediate benefits

Guaranteed results from an approved, professional installer

High performance, high quality loft insulation – safe and environmentally friendly

Simple and effective to save energy.

You can immediately save up to one quarter of your heating – so you can turn down the thermostat and still keep warm, while cutting your energy bills too.

Trust the experts in warmer, healthier homes.

We use InstaGroup products who have over 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing high quality insulation products.

  • Expert solutions tailored to your home
  • We are approved installers on the Snug Network
  • Easy and clean to install – the high quality loft quilt is simply rolled out to the recommended level
  • Special blown mineral wool is applied with a hose to treat inaccessible areas
  • Cold water tank and pipe lagging is also updated
  • The insulation products are good for the environment, natural, non-toxic and chemical free, with the added advantage of being fire retardant

**Average savings from the Energy Savings Trust 7/1/2016

Coverage Area

We install Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation throughout the entire Bury area.

Qualifying benefits for FREE cavity wall and loft insulation.

  • Child tax credit and have a relevant income at or below the income shown in the table.
  • Income-related employment and support allowance.
  • Income based job seeker's allowance.
  • Income support.
  • State pension guarantee credit (Savings credit only does not apply).
  • Working tax credit and have a relevant income at or below the income shown in the table.
  • Universal credit and have a relevant income at or below the income shown in the table.
Household CompositionTax Credit Recipients (Annual Gross Income)Universal Credit Recipients (Monthly Net Earned Income)
1 Adult (Single Claim)£13,200£1,100
and 1 child£17,400£1,450
and 2 children£21,600£1,800
and 3 children£25,800£2,150
and 4 or more children£30,000£2,500
2 Adults (Joint Claim)£19,000£1,650
and 1 child£24,000£2,000
and 2 children£28,200£2,350
and 3 children£32,400£2,700
and 4 or more children£36,600£3,050